How To Play Bingo Online

Bingo has been around for a long time in some format or other. Its popularity shows no signs of slowing down however, and the game is still enjoyed by players all over the world to this day. This is in no small part due to bingo’s fun and simplistic nature where instant cash prizes can be won in a friendly, social environment. 

Due to the rise of online casinos, the need to visit a bingo hall to take part has been removed. Although some still enjoy meeting for a game in person, older citizens especially, the vast majority of players now take part online instead. Because of this, the online Bingo sector has grown rapidly over the past few years and has given rise to a massive selection of virtual games taking place on a continuous basis.

If you’re wondering how to play bingo online, there’s a few aspects to consider before taking the plunge. However, bingo games are incredibly easy to play once you get the hang of it and you can even take part from as little as €0.05!


How Does a Traditional Game of Bingo Work?

The aim of the game is straightforward. Players must purchase bingo cards and cross off any numbers announced by the caller. As each ticket is different, the first player to cross off all their numbers before anyone else is declared the main prize winner. This is confirmed by the player shouting out the word ‘Bingo’ to signify their winning card.

The social aspect of the game is well established, with good natured banter between players often creating a lively and entertaining atmosphere. When the numbers are called, traditional ‘bingo lingo’ slang is still used (i.e. two fat ladies referring to number 88), which adds another fun element to the game.

Online bingo tries to replicate the traditional elements found within the bingo hall as closely as possible. This helps create a sense of familiarity whilst simultaneously laying the foundations for additional features implemented within the online setting.


Playing Online Bingo

To play bingo online, you must first create an account and make an initial deposit to load up your account with real cash. Then head to the Bingo section and enter one of the many rooms available. Each thumbnail will display the minimum cost required to join, alongside a countdown timer showing when the next game begins. New games with a variety of prize pools take place on a regular basis throughout the day.


Buying Tickets

Once inside a bingo room, you’ll be able to buy a range of tickets. A useful slider allows you to quickly enter the preferred number, itself multiplied by the ticket cost to give the overall outlay. Once confirmed, your game begins automatically when the timer reaches zero.


New Game

Once in-play, numbers will be drawn at random and automatically marked off wherever they appear on any of your tickets. Should you manage to complete vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines, you could possibly win a cash prize depending on the prize pot. If a full house is achieved – where every number on a particular card has been drawn – this awards the maximum payout.


Game Visuals

To help you keep tabs with how the game is playing out, the cards which have the most numbers already drawn will be moved to the top of your playing area. This makes it easier to visualise how close you are to winning on your best performing cards, amplifying the excitement factor at the same time. 


Winning a Game

Of course, you won’t be alone in trying to scoop up the prizes. Should a rival player have a winning card and match numbers before you, this will be announced on-screen. Likewise, anyone else achieving a full house will end the game instantly. But remember, you’re always in with a chance of winning yourself should the balls fall your way! 



A good feature of playing bingo online is the chat function. This allows you to communicate with other players in the same room and is a great way to maintain the social aspect found in real-life bingo halls. A chat moderator will be on hand to keep the conversation on friendly terms. 


Types of Online Bingo Game

There’s various types of Bingo games available to play online, differing by the total number of balls, card pattern and prizes up for grabs. For example, a 75-ball game uses 5x5 cards and generally pays out when lines or a full house has been marked off. In a 90-ball game, a 9x3 card is used with just 15 numbers scattered around the 27 possible spaces. Here, completing just one or two lines awards a prize, as well as the full house. 



Did you know, you can also take home an incredible jackpot sum when playing bingo online? Depending on the game in question, they’ll appear in the form of both fixed and progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpot in particular can reach up to some incredible figures, growing exponentially the more tickets that have been purchased. To win one of these payouts, you need to achieve a full house within a specified number of balls that will be presented in the prize pool table. 


Bonus Games

By purchasing successive bingo games, you’ll advance on the progress bar which in turn will launch the exciting Bingo Wheel. This presents the chance to win free spins or instant cash prizes worth up to €500.

There’s also additional Mini-Games which are presented next to the main bingo playing area. They come in the shape of miniature slots or scratchcards that can be played as you wait for new bingo games to begin. 

If you’re wondering how to play Bingo online, the above guide should help get you going. However, we’re sure you’ll soon get the hang of things once you enter into a bingo room and start playing. There’s new games starting every few seconds which you can enjoy from the comfort of home.