What Types of Bingo to Play Online?

There’s various types of bingo rooms you can enter online, each offering a different playing experience to the next. However, despite any changes in aesthetic or format, the main principle remains the same – mark off your card in the quickest time to win a range of cash prizes. These different bingo varieties are suitable for all types of player, from instant flash games available at small stakes to those offering life-changing progressive jackpots. 


90 Ball Bingo

As the most widely played format found in real life bingo halls, it’s no surprise that 90 ball bingo has converted well to the online sphere. This is where the maximum number of balls will be used, meaning games usually carry on for the longest time.

Bingo cards are made up of three rows and nine columns with each row containing five numbers and thus four blank spaces. When the game begins, the player who marks every number on one or two vertical lines first will win a cash prize. A full-house is declared when the card is fully marked off, awarding the game’s top payout. 


75 Ball Bingo

A shorter version of the above, 75 ball bingo reduces the number of balls for a quicker turnaround. A 5x5 card is used with twenty-four numbers printed on each space apart from the centre position – this is commonly marked off to help all players complete winning lines either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.  

With each space covered on a 75 ball bingo card, this generates more winning possibilities. Depending on the prize pool, players win by completing 1-4 lines as well as hitting the lucrative full-house when all the numbers are marked off.


30 Ball Bingo

For players who can’t get enough of playing bingo online, 30 ball bingo is the perfect outlet. With a limited number of virtual balls in the bag, new games are completed in quick succession as cards are marked off much quicker than in a 75 or 90 number game. 

The 30 ball bingo card consists of a 3x3 grid with each of the nine spaces containing a number. In most cases, only the first player to achieve a full-house will be awarded the prize. 


Bingo Jackpots

Some of the best online casinos incorporate either fixed or progressive jackpot prizes into their bingo games. Progressive jackpots will keep rising as more cards are purchased until the prize eventually drops into one lucky player’s account.   

They are awarded independently from the main game, although winning one is linked to how the bingo game itself plays out. Should you achieve a full-house within a specified number of balls being drawn, the jackpot will be awarded instantly. 

In some bingo games, such as The Grand, numerous jackpot amounts are up for grabs. For example, if a full-house is called out within 42 calls, you’ll win the top prize that could stretch up to over €200,000! The prizes then decrease with every call until the 50th, after which the regular full-house prize is paid thereafter. 



HexaBingo is a brilliantly devised game that not only provides an innovative new way to play bingo online but also adds in the possibility of multiplier wins worth up to 1000x. The most striking aspect of HexaBingo is that just three players will take part – a big difference to traditional bingo rooms where dozens or hundreds of players could be hoping to win from the same numbers.

Tickets cost between €0.50 and €100 which represent the total prize pool, itself ranging from €500 up to an amazing €100,000. Once purchased, players must select an avatar and wait for two other opponents to join the same value game. When ready, the total prize amount will be selected at random from seven possible multiplier values stretching from 2x to 1000x.

Each player is allocated a 9-number, 3x3 bingo card which are all displayed on screen. The numbers are slowly revealed one-by-one, where the aim of the game is to simply complete one horizontal line. The first to do so wins the prize allocated at the start. This means that each new game offers a 1-in-3 chance of winning, making it the best odds bingo game available online. 


Other Online Bingo Games

When looking to play bingo, online casinos will offer different rooms for you to enter. Most of these will comprise various forms of the popular 75 and 90 ball games, each with different bet levels and prize pools. Further examples of these bingo titles include:


The Flash

For players who can't wait to get stuck into new Bingo games on a regular basis, The Flash is the perfect room to start from. A 75 ball bingo variant, the price of entry costs just €0.15 per card and new games take place every 3 minutes. Although the prize pool may be limited to €5, a substantial progressive jackpot figure is up for grabs should a full-house be achieved within 42 calls on any ticket purchased. 


Super Saturday

Another 75 ball game, Super Saturday is a great fit for those who prefer to play bingo online on a weekly basis. The slight difference here is that the centre position on each of the 5x5 cards is not marked off automatically, thus making it slightly harder to complete winning lines. However, with a cool €5,000 prize pot overall, there’s some nice wins on the way just for completing lines. Furthermore, tickets can be pre-purchased so you don’t forget to enter. 



A player favourite comes with the 90 ball Supersonic bingo room. With tickets starting at just €0.05 per card, and new games starting every 3 minutes, there’s plenty of action to be had in this fast-paced game. Again, there’s also a progressive jackpot up for grabs which pays out the top amount should you hit the coveted full-house – i.e. marking off all fifteen numbers on your card – within 32 calls.