Bingo jackpots

We make it easy to win a jackpot - all you have to do is get a full house, within a certain number of balls, in a jackpot room! And the fewer balls, the higher the jackpot. We pay out jackpots every 5 minutes, so if you miss one it won't be long until the next one!

The more bingo boards bought, the bigger the jackpot - a part of the price of each and every board is added to the super prize! These jackpots are awarded in our six main rooms, and all you have to do is get a full house within a certain number of balls - as you can see below:

75-Ball Variant         75-Ball     90-Ball  
Number of balls Payout %       Number of balls Payout %   Number of balls Payout %
42 75%       42 75%   32 75%
43 40%       43 40%   33 - 34 45%
44 17%       44 21%   35 17%
45 7%       45 12.5%   36 - 37 6%
46 4%       46 8%   38 3%
47 2%       47 4%   39 - 40 2%
48 1.2%       48 2%   41 - 42 1.2%
49 0.8%       49 0.8%   43 0.8%
50 0.4%       50 0.4%   44 - 45 0.4%


Fixed and increasing jackpots are always available, no matter how often they are won! These jackpots can be won in most of our bingo rooms.

How do I win a fixed or rising jackpot?

All you have to do is get a full house within a given number of balls.

How much can I win?

Each room has jackpots of different sizes (see table below). Some of these are shared jackpots – this means that a percentage of the jackpot is paid out to the player(s) who triggered the jackpot, while the remaining share is paid out to all the players who bought boards in the bingo game where the jackpot was won.

Room Jackpot Name Number of balls
The Grand €1,000
55 or 58 balls or less
The Mystery €25–€250 P53–56 53, 54, 55 or 56 balls or less
Glamour Hall €50–€300 JP56–58 56 or 58 balls or less
Ruby Skies €50–€100 JP52 52 balls or less
Terms and conditions
  • Two or more players can share the full house prize after a bingo round, i.e. if the players have tickets that meet the prize criteria on the same ball in the same game. In the event that this occurs, and the players are eligible to win a jackpot, both players will win, with one exception, if the full amount of the progressive jackpot does not cover the winnings. This means that if two players win in a round that should pay out 1% of the progressive jackpot, they would both get 1%, but if two players win in a round that should pay out 75% of the progressive jackpot, they would get 50% each.
  • Players are only eligible to win the jackpot if they have purchased one or more boards. Therefore, free games or bets with bonus money will not count towards winning any of the jackpots.
  • The biggest progressive jackpot can only be won if you have bought boards for at least €1 per board. Jackpot payouts are adjusted according to stakes.
  • Winnings from bets made with gift cards/free money will be credited back to the gift card/as bonus money until all wagering requirements for the bonus have been met.
  • If the jackpot hits twice at the same time in two different rooms, the round that started first will be the one that is considered "first come" and thus wins the jackpot.
  • reserves the right to, over a foreseeable period, investigate your jackpot payout to ensure its validity.
  • reserves the right to remove a jackpot as soon as it has been paid.
  • reserves the right to terminate or change the terms of this offer at any time.
  •'s general terms and conditions apply and the decisions of and its partners are final.