How To Play Slots Free

What’s even more fun than playing casino slots online? Playing them for free of course! Free slots play for fun only! By doing so, you can pick up bonus cash winnings or test out a new slot without any financial risk involved. Although playing and winning on slots in the long-term will require a personal deposit at some point, there’s still various opportunities to play for free.


Free slots play for fun only!

At some of the best online casinos, you can access free slots play for fun only using their demo mode. When loading up a game in this manner, you are presented with an exact replica of the real game but with one major difference. Instead of using funds from your own account balance, demo credits will be used to take a spin of the reels. You can try out all casino slots for free but live casino games you can unfortunately not play for free this time around.

This allows you to play safe in the knowledge that you can’t lose any real cash, even if you encounter a severe run of bad luck. And even if these play credits do run out, you can simply reload the slot in demo mode again to regenerate the maximum amount. 

Playing for fun is a recommended way for beginners to take their first step into the world of online slots. You’ll get a feel of how the game plays out, from experiencing the design aesthetic and gameplay mechanics, to the base game payouts and bonus features. Likewise, for those unfamiliar with how different types of games work – such as ‘cluster pays’ or ‘megaways’ slots – this is also a great way of testing out the waters first hand.


No Deposit Free Spins

One of the best ways to play slots free is to obtain a batch of no deposit free spins. Gifted to players by casinos to honour loyal players, the spins are credited to your account with no real money outlay required. Simply find the game in question, load up the slot and start spinning! 

You can claim these freebies in numerous ways. In most cases, you would need to be signed up to the casino’s email or SMS marketing communication list. It’s possible they’ll contact you with a no deposit free spin offer on a particular slot game – just follow the link in the message to claim. In other cases, some online casinos will grant free spins on your birthday or around special holidays like Halloween or Christmas. 


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Free Spin Promotions

The vast majority of free spins will come linked to a specific promotion in the form of player activity. For example, you may see an onsite banner which advertises free spins will be credited after a specific deposit has been made. In most cases, you would then need to wager the deposit in full for the free spins to be released. 

This is an understandable condition as it prevents players from claiming the spins and then simply withdrawing their deposit immediately. Alternative free spin promotions come after just wagering a portion of your existing balance has been completed – many of these offers can be found in Red Tiger slots which are presented in-game. 


Playing Free Slots Terms

When playing slots free online, it’s important to consider the terms and conditions linked to the offer. Of course, playing in demo mode comes with no restrictions and you’re free to spin away as you please but any promotional free spins will be linked with certain stipulations. These include:

  • Opting In – In most cases, players will be required to ‘opt-in’ to the promotion in order to claim the spins. This tells the casino you have read the terms and understand any conditions related to playing them. 


  • Game – The casino will credit the free spins on either a single slot or a game collection. You must load up one of these eligible games from your desktop or mobile to play the spins.


  • Free Spin Values – There’s no limit to how many free spins can be awarded to players, but expect something in the range of 5 and 50. In addition, the spins will be assigned a monetary value that is clearly stated.   


  • Validity – Check how long the offer will last for. In all probability, the spins will expire if not claimed or played through before a particular time and date. Likewise, you may need to wager any related winnings before a set expiration.


  • Wagering – As noted, wagering of your deposit is likely to be required to release the free spins. But any winnings may also be linked to a wagering requirement before being converted into real money.  


How to Play Free Slots

If on the lookout for free slots to play for fun only, a good tip is to find a casino which offers their games in demo mode. This way, you’ll be able to play all their eligible games in complete confidence safe in the knowledge there’s literally no financial risk at all.

The demo method is not only a great way to familiarise yourself with how slots work in general, but also how different playing tactics could possibly affect your returns. For example, some players like to alter their bet level depending on the previous results, either by increasing their stake after a losing run or decreasing it after a big win. 

Another advantage of playing in demo mode comes with the Autoplay function. You can use this to assess game behaviour over the long term, as well as unlocking the game’s bonus features which will inevitably activate at some point. Now, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the slot’s payout potential when it comes to playing with real money later on.