Reel Investigator

Ready to help the Reel Investigator one more time? 

There will be a number of different promotions and rewards available while helping her in the bingo minigame Reel Investigator, including a free ScatterBadge scratch card that you can claim every week. 

Hidden behind these scratch cards can be free spins that you can use on Reel Investigator. Simply log in to your account and receive a free scratch card every week until 2nd April 2023. But it doesn’t stop there, other exciting scratch cards will be available too. 

The Suspect scratch card can be won by completing different minigame or bingo challenges. Daily and weekly tournaments will also be available, with great prizes to be won!

Check the tabs below for more information on all our promotions, including tournament times and prizes!

Log in and get 1 x ScatterBadge Scratchcard  

•    1x per week
•    Every week of the promotional period


Claim here

Complete bingo and minigame alternating challenges to get either 1 x Scatter badge (Bronze) scratch card, 1 x Detective (Silver) scratch card or 1 x Investigator (Gold) scratch card

How to play:

  • Log in to check out the daily easy and hard missions. Occasionally there will be an extra third mission for you to find!
  • Opt-in to the daily missions in the bingo client
  • Complete the mission requirements
  • Claim reward

Bet €25 on Bingo & get 1 x Suspect Scratchcard 

You can receive a maximum of nine per day.


You can collect a maximum of 9 Suspect scratch cards per day, the 10th card to collect will be the Investigator card.

Bet €250 on Bingo & get x 1 Investigator Scratchcard 

Play now

3 x €100 prizepool tournaments on The Reel Investigator every day of the promotional period

How to play:

  • Opt into the tournaments via the bingo tournament opt in page
  • Play the qualifying spins during the tournament times
  • Largest equalised win over 20 spins to qualify are winners
  • 10 positions get a prize

Tournament times: 

  • 15:00-17:59 UTC
  • 18:00-20:59 UTC
  • 21:00-23:59 UTC

Prizepool distributed: 

  • 1st- €25 Cash 
  • 2nd- €15 Cash 
  • 3rd-6th- €10 cash 
  • 7th-10th - €5 cash 


Play now

4 x €500 prizepool weekly tournaments on The Reel Investigator during the promotional period

How to play:

  • Opt into the tournaments via the bingo tournament opt in page
  • Play the qualifying spins during the tournament times
  • Largest equalised win over 75 spins to qualify are winners
  • 20 positions get a prize

Tournament times: 

  • Weekly tournaments run from 00:00UTC Monday to 23:59UTC Sunday within a promotional week.  

Prizepool distributed: 

  • 1. - €125
  • 2. - €75
  • 3. - €50
  • 4.- 11. - €25
  • 12. - 20. - €5
Bingo Lobby

Extra daily bingo room at 22:30 UTC with a €1000 prizepool.

How to play:

  • Log into bingo client and find the Crime Scene in the lobby
  • Buy the €2 tickets in advance (10 Tickets Max)
  • Watch the game play, or log back in another time to see if you won
Terms and conditions
  • Terms and Conditions:
  • • This promotion will run daily from 00:00 UTC 06th March 2023 until 23:59 UTC 2nd April 2023.
  • • A promotional day is 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC.
  • • A promotional week is 00:01 UTC Mondays until 23:59 UTC Fridays - this promotion begins on a Monday.
  • • Rewards will be a scratch card, cash spins, bingo vouchers or cash.
  • • ScatterBadge scratch card has 25% chance of winning a prize.
  • • Suspect scratch card has 60% chance of winning a prize.
  • • Detective scratch card has 100% chance of winning a prize.
  • • Investigator scratch card has 100% chance of winning a prize.
  • • Missions and rewards will vary from day to day.
  • • Each mission requirement will be based on minimum spin or bet value.
  • • The specific daily mission requirements can be viewed in the promotional area of the bingo lobby; a notification will be displayed next to the gift icon within the top section of the bingo lobby after logging in.
  • • Rewards will be credited automatically as soon as the mission requirements are met.
  • • Incomplete mission progress will be lost at midnight when the new mission begins.
  • • Winnings from minigame free spins are cash and have no wagering requirement.
  • • Payout of winnings occurs after the last free spin is completed.
  • • Bingo Vouchers are used before cash.
  • • Bingo vouchers have a 4x wagering requirement.
  • • Spins will expire 30 days after award if unused.
  • • Bingo Voucher Expiration:
  • o Active – 7 days
  • o Queued – 30 days
  • • Bingo Vouchers can be used for 75 and 90 ball bingo games only. Minigames and HexaBingo are not included.
  • • Scratch cards expire after 72 hours if unused.
  • • Management retains the right to alter, or cancel all, or part, of this promotion at any time.
  • • General terms and conditions apply.
  • Tournament Terms and Conditions:
  • • Players need to Opt-in.
  • • To qualify for a tournament, you need to play a minimum of 20 or 75 rounds at min stake or above.
  • • Current Standings and results will be displayed on the Bingo Tournaments page.
  • • The player with the highest multiplier (Win) over 20 or 75 consecutive rounds wins.
  • • In the case of a tie, the player with the highest total number of rounds will be declared a winner.
  • • General terms and conditions apply.
  • • In the event of inconsistency between the English version and any other language version of the Terms and Conditions, the English version will prevail.