Refer your friends and get 3000 kr in bonus

Are you having a good time at Share the fun with your friends!

Inviting your friends to can give you a super bonus offer, of up to 3000 kr in free bonus money!

Get a bonus for every friend you invite

First friend 500 kr in free bonus money 
Second friend 1000 kr in free bonus money
Third friend 1500 kr in free bonus money

*All bonuses come with a wagering requirement of 5x 

Your newly registered friends will also get a fantastic bonus. We give them up to 500% on their first deposit as a bonus, which means that if they deposit 100 kr, they get 600 kr to play for! This is a win-win situation!


Refer a friend

How does it work?

1. Register for the offer
Click "Refer a friend"
2. Invite a friend
Invite a maximum of 3 friends
3. Your friend completes the wagering requirement
Your friend registers - Makes a deposit - Completes the wagering requirement
Terms and conditions
  • The following rules apply for the "Refer a friend" program and are an agreement between and the player with an account. By joining the program you accept the current terms and conditions.
  • 1. The "Refer a friend" program is about getting friends to register with and receive a bonus/bonuses based on the number of invited friends. The bonus/bonuses will become available for you once your friends complete the wagering requirement.
  • 2. The program works when a friend registers an account with through the specific link you have recieved. Your link to invite friends can be found on the main page of the campaign.
  • 3. You can not invite friends who:
  • - Do not live in Norway
  • - Live in the same place as you or are using the same IP address.
  • - Already have an account at
  • 4. For you to recieve the bonus, your friend needs to:
  • a. Register through the link you send them (via, on the program page) within 30 days of you accepting the rules and terms.
  • b. Make a deposit
  • c. Play (based on the attachment nr. 1 beneath) a minimum of 20 000kr cash on casino/games/live casino within 60 days after you have accepted the terms and conditions of the program.
  • 5. When these terms are met, you will recieve a bonus on your Bingo. com account within 72 hours.
  • First friend gives you 500 kr in free bonus money
  • Second friend gives you 1000 kr in free bonus money
  • Third friend gives you 1500 kr in free bonus money
  • *All bonuses come with a wagering requirement of 5x
  • 6. In this program you recieve one (1) bonus pr. friend who validly registers based on your invitation to The maximum amount of friends that can be invited by the same account holder is 3.
  • 7. You accept and understand that if your friend registers through anouther route than the one described in these terms, your invite will not be valid and the program will not be activated. You will then not recieve the bonus.
  • Attachement 1:
  • Contributions to the wagering requirement for casino games
  • Stakes on all games on will contribute to the wagering requirement. However, some games contribute less to the wagering than others:
  • Slot machines (all types) - 100%
  • Scratch cards - 100%
  • All table games - 10%
  • Live Casino - 10%
  • Virtual sports - 10%
  • Bingo - 200%
  • Example:
  • If your friend plays video slots, they contribute 100% to the wagering requirment. So if your friend plays for 700kr, the wagering requirement is reduced with 700kr. However, if your friend prefers to play with a live dealer in our live casino, the contribution is only 10% of the amount your friend plays for. So if your friend plays for 700kr in the live casino, the wagering requirement is reduced with 70kr.
  • The "Invite a friend" campaign is only available for specific players who have been notified. Check the availability of an "Ivite a friend" bonus in the bonus section. Terms and conditions last updated: 30/12/2021